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We no longer take reservations for small groups from 11/02/24, we will shortly be introducing a remote wait list that you will be able to join within a distance, but for now please come as a walk in! 


If you would like to arrange a table for a larger group or a private event, please send us an email to


Do you have indoor dining?

Yes our indoor space is now open again and ready to welcome you back! 


Do you have outdoor dining?

Yes we do! We even have weather protection glass walls, a heavy duty weather umbrella with heaters (if the weather requires it), views of Covent Garden Piazza, all the beautiful buildings and the energy of the street. This opens at 9am


How long do I get my table?

All tables have a seating time of max.1.5 hours

However if we do not have another customer waiting for your table after you, there is no pressure to leave - we will let you know!


Please be understanding that we do need to ensure everyone can have their meal too! 


Unfortunately due to our lack of back of house space we are unable to offer high-chairs or changing tables. We also do not offer a separate menu for children and we are unable to make changes to our existing menu - however there are items on the menu that we hope you kids will love! We do have valuable paintings, antique furniture, carpets, soft furnishings and other bespoke architectural features so please be wary of damage as you may be held accountable for repairs.


We are dog friendly for friendly dogs! We only ask that you please ensure that your dog is leashed and kept off furniture. We also reserve the right to remove any unsafe, unruly/loud or destructive dogs, we do have antique furniture, carpets, soft furnishings and other bespoke architectural features so please be wary of damage as you may be held accountable for repairs.

Thank you

We thank you in advance for treating our staff with respect and understanding, and for supporting small independent business.

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